Wednesday, August 29, 2012


well, this is all new to me, but i feel as if i need a blog, other than a facebook, cause i cant post what i want to on there. Well, My name is Deven Arlene Wolford. I am a Junior and i attend EHOVE Career Center in the Forensic program. I used to be a varisty cheerleader, but i quit this year. I have had my heart broken so many times, i cannot even count. I have a tendency of falling for the assholes. I just broke up with my boyfriend last night. the hardest thing ive ever done. i was devastated, but i really needed to do it... Nevermind that. this blog is going to be all about, guys, highschool,friends,family, heartbreaks, drama, and what ever else i deiced to throw out there. letss see how this goes! until next time<3